What we do

On-life opportunities for the traveler

We create a global community for active people

Create your Travelpost is an impression of the visited place – whether it is a hotel, restaurant or attraction. This is a post on the social network and at the same time-a recommendation and a review for followers. Photo, 3D-foto, video, 360 video, text – anything that will help you better to talk about their emotions and experiences.

This is a ready-made set of impressions about the trip and the route, an example for inspiration that you want to repeat and a useful guide for other tourists.

Put your marker on the map location, become a researcher and pioneer. Get rewarded for every transaction in the institution you open.

Get rewarded for people using your recommendations.

Save on it. Rent a car, bike, yacht, plane. Guide, diving instructor or Thai massage therapist. Hairdresser, plumber or mule driver. Who knows who you'll need tomorrow?

Find out what's going on here and now. Easily solve any problems arising on the trip.

Interesting people and communities in an interesting location you have here. Built-in translator will help you with language barriers.

On-line for business

No fakes.

Get a stream of interested customers.

Perhaps being a guide or a fitness coach is your calling. Here you can find out, get customers, partners and reputation.

No more standard descriptions of the pattern. People will see with their own eyes what they really need to see and share their emotions.

Do you prepare local wine and cheese according to old recipes? Are your boxes made of tortoise shell – the world's best souvenir? Now everyone will know about it.

Smart contract will ensure compliance with all conditions.

Find employees. Now it is much easier and more convenient.

You don't even need to be a legal entity to work with us.

We're sure whatever middleman you're working with right now is costing you more.

On-life for migrant

Where to live? Where to work?

Find a job in a profession anywhere in the world is not difficult, because there is a community.

In a new place almost the most difficult – when old connections are torn, and new yet. It's not about you, the community is always with you. Are you sure they'll be happy to finally see you live?

The entire list of documents for the move seems to be unknown to anyone except those who have already moved. And we will help with the information on the spot.

You have no idea how much different housing prices for local and tourists, we will help you find cheaper.

Business trips can also be an exciting journey, if you use our application.

You don't have to change habits because he moved. In any region of the world you can find everything you need, if you have On-life.

On-life for volunteer

Show yourself

Who are you, a critic, a fan or a strict judge? Create true reviews and fight fakes.

Getting the service from the business, and get a good reward for the audit.

External audit is a valuable thing. Thanks to your criticism, your favorite place will be better, and services – better.

Become an auditor. He received accreditation for restaurants, SPA-salons or any other services. Verify the accuracy of the reviews conducted audit of the field and his verdict.

Conducting audits, you will inevitably become a connoisseur and connoisseur of places in your location, which means you can help travelers great.

Participate in flash mobs Online. It's really fun!

How it works

Basic features

Create content. Not only for readers, but also for commentators. Earn on their posts!

Authentic content
Truthful reviews

With the community you can finally get a real picture of what is happening in the world, and with the help of their new friends who will help you.

Earn on your reviews

Tell the truth about the service, its pros and cons. If the service is really good, get cashbacks from all users who will visit it.

For Business
Try new ways of working

Business with us is convenient, now you can find customers directly, which means you can give cheaper offers. There are no middlemen now.

about our platform

The main thing about the ecosystem

We are creating an application that will allow you to explore the whole world.


We are a platform for travelers, expats, business. You will feel at home anywhere in the world.


Our platform brings together all users so that together we can show what the world really looks like.


Our cryptocurrency will allow you to pay for any services, from tickets to dinner at the restaurant. It's really simple.


Our auditors will help you make the right choice when you want to use any service.

(additional features

We make life easier

Blockchain technology on guard of your interests, from verification of the content before payment.

  • You can even find a job where you want to live and negotiate directly with the employer.
  • Our community will unite everyone from expats to people in the transit area of the airport. After all, the main thing for us is mutual help.
  • Get cashbacks from your publications.
  • Decided to move to another country? You can ask the expats anything you need.

Learn all about the project

Get information about how we are changing the world for the better and helping to solve problems. Download our documents and you can find out all the latest news about our project.

Privacy Policy
About our work

Road map

2018 Q2
  • Creating a concept
  • Team creation
2018 Q3
  • A series of studies, marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • Creating White Paper
2018 Q4
  • Design and technology stack creation
  • The start of work on the MVP
2019 Q1
  • Public financing, seed investments
2019 Q2
Alpha test
  • Internal functionality testing
  • Publishing a prototype to the public
2019 Q3
Preparing for tokensale
  • Press tour starts
  • Start of global sales
2019 Q4
Beta testing
  • Closed testing
  • Start testing in target regions
2020 Q1
Integration of payment mechanisms
  • Development and implementation
  • The creation of a single environment
2020 Q2
Creating communities
  • Preparation of the global community
  • Entering target markets
2020 Q3
Preparing the server network
  • Providing content storage locally
  • Organization of B2B activities
2020 Q4
Active application startup
  • Integration with external payment systems
  • Continuing work on the project
meet us

Project team

We are professionals from different fields from financiers to marketers and from developers to designers.

Eduard Sinelnikov
Founder& CEO

Global managing director and founder

Maksim Ureyski

Co-founder and global financial operations director

Renat Kalimullin
CVO & Chief Troublemaker

Global troublemaker and managing troubles creator

Yaroslav Tabakov
CMO & Media marketing

Global marketing and media marketing

Michael Pobirsky

Chief Technical and blockchain.

Julia Mahmudova
Product Owner

Product vision and business.

Denis Beskov
Product Manager

Product managing issues.

Dmitry Jukov
Lead Blockchain Expert

He knows all about chains.

Rufat Abiasov
Investment Advisor

VP at Association Bitcoin Russia

Ilia Smirnow

Strategy and global business.

Viktor Mishin
Media Design

Video, commercials, media.


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